February 21, 2010

Schwinn Exercise Bike: Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn Exercise Bike: Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike

5-Star Review
I spent a couple weeks looking at bikes at different stores trying to figure out which one I wanted. I was stuck between three bikes: this one, another inexpensive bike at a chain retail store, and a bike at another store costing $100 more. After reading every online review I could find out online about all the bikes, I chose to take a risk and buy this one without trying it out. I am so happy I went with this bike.

Setting up the bike was easy. My husband took his time and set it up in 45 minutes. I am 5'5'' and was able to easily find a setting fit for me with another setting marked even lower if you may not be as tall. The size is very compact, which we had a hard time believing the width of the machine, but it is true. I have decent sized closets in my apartment (although not walk in), and this bike will even fit in the closet in case I don't want the bike out in the open. The frame is extremely strong (no wobbling on carpet and I am plus sized). Very simple and sturdy machine. I only use the computer for the tensions (which go from absolutely no tension to what feels like a more body building tension), chart distance and time, as well as heart rate. I even use it with a Wii game where I have to take my heart rate to chart my progress.

A big problem I read about is concerning the hard seat. I purchased the optional Schwinn padded seat (that is recommended by amazon). It helped some, but my seat still didn't feel the most comfortable so I laid a towel over the seat for a few days until my bottom got used to the seat and I was able to take it off.

Also, another think worth noting is that the peddles are comfortable enough where you can even ride it barefoot (which I've done before).
I am riding this 30 plus minutes a day going 17-19 mph while watching TV. The only thing I would hope Schwinn would improve on in the future is adding a water bottle holder.

I love the quality of this bike and would highly recommend it for someone who wants a workout while watching tv.

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